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let’s talk about professor!Dean and how his face lights up when he teaches something he loves, how he moves his arms around when trying to emphasize his point, and even if you hate the subject, you can’t help but listen to him talking because he’s so goddamn passionate about it, let’s talk about professor!Dean and how he groans louder than his students when he has to teach something boring, and how he pranks the hungover students in his class because while he is all for a little weekend fun, it doesn’t mean you should show up at class smelling like a brewery, let’s talk about professor!Dean and how his students absolutely adore him, even though he is quite a harsh grader, because really, he’s the best teacher you could ever hope to have, he’s patient and he works hard, staying late to help out students who need it, let’s talk about professor!Dean and his hard on for his car, and how he looks personally affronted when you don’t know your classic rock, let’s talk about professor!Dean and how he’s completely in love with Dr. Castiel Novak across the hall, and how he blushes a little everytime the other professor talks to him, lets talk about professor!Dean and how his students ship him hard with Dr.Novak, and make it their not-so-secret project to do some matchmaking because Professor Winchester is really not as smooth as he thinks and it’s kind of hard to sit through all the pining and it’s time they did something about it

let’s just talk about professor!Dean~

uh, yes, we should talk about this because he’s also that prof who’s like, “it’s nice outside today, goddamn, it’s nice. why are we all sitting in this dark little room?” and he adjourns class to go sit outside and then he realizes it’s hot as dicks so let’s all go sit in the union and pass around a couple plates of cheese fries while we continue our animated discussion.

professor dean is the type of prof who notices when some students aren’t willing to speak up and contribute to the lengthy discussions so he adds variety to every syllabus and covers the whole range of the subject because, eventually, that one student who sits at the back will pipe up with some mind-blowing connective observation and, for that hour at least, will be totally fucking engaged. he likes those little victories.

first order of business in every thursday class is “where are my people who watched Top Chef last night because i’m livid about that guy who turned off the other cheftestant’s oven but also totally turned on by their brisket.” reality tv discussions lead into the topic of the day AND YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW IT’S HAPPENING.

homework is REAL. it’s a fuckload of reading or practicing formulas or whatever, but tests are applied knowledge, not a list of fucking questions.

essay topics can be negotiated because, no, he doesn’t just want to hear what an essay should tell but rather watch someone figure a concept out as they’re writing it. he doesn’t need 30 of the same exact essay from every student. he doesn’t understand the point. everybody’s different and gets something different from the class.

online content is super organized!! it’s so easy to follow and it’s simple to find out your grade and standing in the class and there’s a discussion forum and a place to share notes.

it turns out the prof’s brother constructed the whole thing. he cops to it immediately, he has no idea how the site works but he will stay up half the night answering e-mails for direct questions.

interdisciplinary lesson time comes around and the students’ complete and utter lack of surprise at sitting in an auditorium with dr. novak’s class is staggering.

they actually side-eye each other as they’re sitting down, like, are these two fucking cartoons for real? are they fucking yet? is this going to be an hour-long lesson in cow eyes?

but, of course, professors winchester and novak play off of each other so well that the lesson is fun, it applies to their fields, and they wish they could have sessions like that every day. they learn so much. they have a ball.

since professor dean has no idea how his online forum works there is a “winvak 5ever” post that the students use to plot their matchmaking. so far there are plans for an end-of-semester party held in the student lounge by their offices that might be tame enough for them to attend, but a few of the doctor’s students have passed along the idea that anonymous flowers might work better… the plotting continues…

 I was gonna write this fic then I read ^this and now I think I better leave this to the more experienced people

Incorrect! You should always write what you want to write. Things we still have not learned about this ‘verse — THINGS YOU MUST TELL US:

  • Exactly how Cas acts in his own classroom. Dr. Novak’s style of teaching and if his mind wanders or if it just looks like his mind wanders but he’s really laser-focused. What is he a doctor of?
  • Is Cas a civilian in this ‘verse? Does his soldier-like strategy and plotting carry over? Is Cas neat and tidy — did he finish his education in the military, maybe? Or is he disheveled and scatterbrained? Does that mean he wasn’t in the military or he was just in a unit in which he Saw Some Shit?
  • Dr. Novak’s students’ schemes and how they come to be aware of the other class’ similar meddling.
  • Which subjects the professors teach!
  • Why their paths would cross or what their interdisciplinary learning plans would teach their students that is enlightening to both their fields and practical in the real world.
  • Are the students double majoring or just trying for a diverse set of classes and taking both Dr. Novak and Professor Winchesters’ courses? Or do students not usually cross over at all?
  • WHAT THEIR OFFICES LOOK LIKE!!!!! THE BOOKS! THE PLAQUES! THE DECOR! how their separate interests are displayed for the world to see! Family pictures (does Cas come from a big family? does he still talk to them? — does Dean have like a million pictures of Sam because he’s so proud of him? [hint: yes] does Dean have extended family in this ‘verse? is he divorced from Lisa? does he have Ellen and Jo and Bobby to fall back on or has he been raising Sam all on his own since John’s been gone?)
  • What Dean and Cas were like in their college days!
  • Speaking of which, is this acquaintance new? Or have they been oozing sexual tension at one another for years? Or did they know one another from afar and SOMEBODY HAD A PANG that they thought would fade with time but now he works across the goddamn hall from me!
  • Is it ultimately the students or a conference or a meeting or a post-work drink that gets them together?
  • Are they both content with being professors or is there professional strain in their lives that they will have to answer to soon?
  • What do their personal lives look like right now and are either of them a sort of spanner in the works?
  • Does one of them consider love an academic distraction?
  • Why do they fit together in this ‘verse?
  • Does somebody unintentionally emotionally rescue one of their students from doing something drastic? Do they help them stay steady and stay on the path to graduation? Pick them up from a drunken brawl?? Bring them on as a TA and help them get jobs??
  • Ties or bow-ties or borderline “casual Friday” sloppiness???
  • LAB COATS???????????
  • Attending school functions!
  • Separating for summer/winter break :( ??
  • The inevitable co-worker betting pool!
  • More gauzy, dream-like visions of Professor Dean, lecturing with his whole heart, answering questions, gently correcting, assigning fun stuff, assigning tough stuff, being flexible because the big game is this Sunday! WEARING A HALLOWEEN COSTUME TO WORK AND GETTING SO STOKED ON ALL THE CANDY EVERYBODY’S SHARING THAT HE ALMOST HAS TO BE ROLLED OUT OF THE CLASSROOM!!
  • Professor Dean (◡‿◡✿) 
  • loves (◕‿◕✿) 
  • Doctor Novak (⊙‿⊙✿)  !!

and finally, you must — you MUST TELL US:


3.16 || Favorite Dean caps 25/100

3.16 || Favorite Dean caps 25/100

9x10: cas + looking at dean

Beauty was your armor. Fragile stuff, all show. But what’s inside you? That’s steel. It’s brave and unbreakable. And it doesn’t need fixing.Leigh Bardugo

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*straight fandom blogger voice* hey ive got a good idea how about instead of making that character bisexual we make them “straight with an exception” thats so romantic


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